Geometric Camo Merino Tee

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This super stylish medium weight 100% merino tee features a camo style geometric print. 

Available in sizes XS to L they fit almost all dogs of every shape and size.

NB:  Please note this tee is made with sleeves and not sleeveless as the photo shows.

Our model Brownie is 10lbs (4.5kgs) and wears size S

Size Guide

Tee Measurements:

(Weights and dogs breeds are approximate - it is best to  follow the measurements for your dog)

XS - Width 16"/40cm    Length - 8.5"/22cm (3kg and under - Chihuahua, Yorkie)

S - Width 18"/45cm      Length - 11.5"/29cm (3 - 5.5kg - Griffon, Shih Tzu, Pug)

M - Width 22"/56cm     Length - 15"/38cm (5.5 - 7.5kg - Small Poodle X, Mini Schnauzer, Small French Bulldog, West Highland Terrer)

L - Width 24"/61cm      Length -  18"/46cm (7.5 kg - 12kg - Cocker Spaniel, Standard Schnauzer, Large French Bulldog)

XL - Width 27"/69cm    Length - 20"/51cm (12 - 17kg - Large Poodle X, Pointer, Heeler)

XXL - Width 29"/74cm  Length - 22"/56cm  (17kg - 25kg - Vizla, Dalmation, Boxer)