Hawaiian Lycra Skirt Tee

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This Mr Soft Top Lycra tee is perfect to keep the sun off your dog. It is also really fun to look at! Made from high quality lycra it is lightweight and is also great if your dog has any itching allergies over summer. 

Made from the same fabric as swimsuits it is perfect for swimming and will keep your dog cool when wet.  

These garments are extra lightweight. A side effect of these brightly coloured tees is that the snug fit of the tees also work as a security tee for dogs with nervousness or anxiety.

*** This tank is available in strictly limited quantities so get in quick before they are all gone ***

Available in sizes XS to L only.

Size Guide

As with any man-made fiber it is not recommended for your dog to wear these garments for long periods on very hot days. Always monitor your dog to ensure they don't overheat.