About Us

Mr Soft Top is New Zealand's premium producer of Dog Clothes.  Our clothes are all hand made in New Zealand from high quality wool, cotton and lycra fabrics and yarns.

Mr Soft Top is the passion of designer and owner Rachael Staples.  Based in New Zealand, Mr Soft Top produces high quality dog wear and accessories from the finest fabrics and yarns.  All garments are handmade in New Zealand.

With a love of high quality fabrics and yarns and a love for dogs Rachael started Mr Soft Top in 2005.  What started out as a hobby producing made-to-order hand knitted pure wool sweaters has now turned into a thriving business that includes pure wool Merino t-shirts, Woolen Coats, Lycra Sun Protection tees as well as some fun Cotton and Spandex tops.  Pooches from all corners of the world are enjoying Mr Soft Top garments all year round.

Rachael continues to make all hand-knitted sweaters while seamstress extraordinaire Jenny and her team produce all our tees, shirts and coats.  

Thank you for visiting our store.  I know you and your pooch will love our garments.

​Who are our models? 

Cassie & Daisy the Brussels Griffons

Our main models are our own little girls Daisy and Cassie.  Having modeled for their whole lives these two are naturals in front of the camera.  Show them a treat and they will pose instantly!  

Cassie is pictured (left) in black and Daisy in the tweed.


Brownie the Pomeranian

Brownie is a super sweet little boy.  He is an elderly gentleman who is very cuddly and a perfect model.  


Louis the French Bulldog

Louis is our newest model and is a rambunctious and playful young lady.  An instant model she quickly picked up this modeling gig!

You can follow her adventures on Instagram @louisthefrenchiefrench




Alfie the Dachshund

Based in New York, Alfie is the perfect little guy to model our Short and Long range.  This guy is well traveled and dresses for every occasion.



Winston the French Bulldog

Winston has so much energy I can't believe he sat long enough for photos but he is the consummate professional when the camera and treats came out.